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Well since most of you people might have your doubts regarding whether to join or not join the Share Market. Here I am to help you clear those doubts.

Today we will be talking about 10 reasons why you should join the share market. Learn the reasons and if you find these valid enough why not give it a shot.

Okay so let's start.


Here is a list of the terminologies I shall be using later in this blog post so do keep a note of these

  • Inflation Rate
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Deposits (FD)
These should be enough for now

Back to the topic


Reason 1: Can be started with Low Investment Capital

Every time people hear the term "Investment" they tend to assume a huge capital. A huge amount of money invested on a Huge Company or a Factory or something like that and feel like it's the "big boy's game" or the thing only for those who are rich. But say what ??

You are, fortunately / unfortunately 1 zillion times wrong. Surprised huh ??

Don't be because it's true and it has been true for a very long time. Well if you plan on buying a company with a couple of hundreds in your pocket then that might be a bit impossible. But if you have the basic required amount and you want to invest it in something then that sure is possible. Well let's assume you have Rs. 1000 in your pocket or somehow saved that amount then you are up for investing. Generally in Nepal whenever IPO is announced to the general public it's 1unit share is sold at a price of Rs.100/share so having Rs.1000 in your pocket is enough to buy you 10units of shares.

That was for the IPO but what if there are no signs of IPO opening anytime soon ?? Well, don't worry. In that case, try investing in Mutual Funds. Through Mutual Fund you'll be able to invest your small amount of money in buying shares of big companies.

Reason 2: Increasing your knowledge of Market

In this Millenium knowing the market is a compulsion for those who plan to grow economically. Knowing the market and how everything is going on sure can be a piece of handy information and getting into Share Market will help get this information.

Reason 3: Builds a habit of Investing

You might have heard it's best to save for the future but unfortunately the concept of saving is getting outdated these days. We people still believe that saving money is enough but sadly that is not. 
If you wish to be at the top and want to have yourself listed among the richest then only "Saving" is not enough.
Saving might protect your money but "Investing" will help increase your money. So it's better to start investing, the earlier you start the better. And once you enter the share market and start understanding how things actually work you'll then understand what I am actually talking about here. And once you start investing than just saving, that soon will become a habit and will help you in other areas of your life too.

Reason 4: Will teach you Failures

From birth, we have been taught that failing is bad or the wrong thing. But as many great minds have accepted and so have I. Failure actually is the opportunity to learn, is an opportunity to grow.
With all the "live safe".. "do what's safe" things around. Getting into the share market will teach you when & how to take calculated risks and sometimes you sure will fail. But trust me I don't know how much you'll learn about money from the "safe" way of living but losing some cash in shares will teach you a lot more than that.

Waite !! Don't get things the wrong way here !!

Everyone enters the share market with intent of making money. But sometimes things might not go as planned and lossing or facing failure when you are young or have just invested just a little amount is far better than when you are old or have invested a lot of your money. So start small and even if you fail don't worry because it will increase your knowledge and experience for future investments. That's how every "big boy" in the share market is made and that's how all grow. Face it learn from it and keep growing.

Reason 5: Increases your Patience & Respect towards Money

Many think of the Share Market as a quick scheme of getting rich but sorry to disappoint you that's not what it is. Share Market sure has a "High Risk, High Reward" but if you want to make some real profit you'll have to be patient. Patience is the key to profit in the Share Market

Being patient you'll learn making money is no joke. You'll realize although there might be smart ways of getting rich, there are no shortcuts to financial greatness. 

Patience is a skill all should have. And if you are patient enough who know you might the next KING on the market.

Reason 6: Rewards with Profit

Earlier I have mentioned a few things on how you should be open to taking calculated risks and facing failures. But if your investment is in the right place & if you are well equipped for the game then chances are failure is going to be never appearing thing for you and even if you faced some failures and lost some amount from your investment. Once you get a good grasp on the Market Algorithm, Technicality & Fundamentals. You'll soon start making a real profit and start accumulating some serious cash.

Reason 7: Inflation Exists

You might have a question. Why not keep cash on FD (Fix Deposite ) ?? After all, FDs are a lot safer and give higher interests than the savings account.

Before answering that question let me tell you something. Have you noticed the same items that cost you Rs. 5 many years ago are costing more these days ?? Have you noticed a rise in prices of almost everything that you buy from the Market ?? Well if you haven't. Do your research and you'll be surprised. That rise in prices is what we call "inflation". 

In the context of Nepal, the inflation rate is above 10% which means items that cost you 1 Lakh at present time will cost a lot more a few years later. Now let's talk about the FD. Although you might receive greater interest from FD than normal savings if return interest isn't able to win the inflation rate. Inflation will eat your money.

So make your choice. Do your research, find what works for you.

Reason 8: Financial freedom & Investor Mindset

Having proper knowledge of the market & making great investements will be lead you towards financial freedom. And the share market is the right place for acquiring the right knowledge and skill for it.

Reason 9: Early retirements & family time

You too might have seen people struggling with finances when it's actually time for them to retire. Having proper hold over the share market you can retire a lot early and actually start spending some fun time with your family. Basically making family time a priority without worrying about the money.

Reason 10: An opportunity for a better future

Having a sound financial state can create a better future for both you and your family. You can give life to your family which you always dreamt of and joining Share Market can help you with that.

Final Words

Share Market is something worth giving a try so why not start investing early ?? I hope this blog post was of some help. Do leave comments if you have any queries regarding this blog or if you want some more information on any topic regarding the share market or anything in general. Would love to help you guys out.

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